Using the Features: 

Know Before You Go / Look Before You Leap:

Trail safety is everybody’s responsibility. It is your responsibility to inspect the trails and features before use. Trail features vary in size and difficulty and change constantly due to weather, maintenance, usage, modifications, and the time of day. Only one person on a feature at a time.

Do not use trails or features that are closed.

Use Your Head: Remain in control and within your ability level. Do not use features if you lack sufficient ability and/or experience. You control the level of difficulty you encounter using these features both on the ground and in the air. There is no shame in walking your bike if you feel you are on a trail or feature that is beyond your skill level.

We all know learning a new skill doesn’t always come easy. Thunder Mountain Bike Park has a group of instructors specially trained in gravity riding. Taking a lesson with one of these instructors can be the safest and easiest way to learn the bike park terrain and its features.

It is very important to ride the right bike at Downhill Mountain Bike Park. The same way you wouldn’t bring a pea shooter to a pistol fight, you need to have the correct gear for the park. A downhill bike has plush suspension in both the front and rear to smooth out the bumps on rugged trails. Rent a bike if you don’t have your own and ask the rental technician to tune the suspension to your body weight and skills.

There is a reason why most riders are wearing armor- it works. Crashing is a possibility no matter how slow or cautious you ride and protecting yourself from cuts and scrapes with pads is a must.

A proper fitting full-face helmet is the way to go. Protect your face and head by wearing it done up properly under the chin.

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