Bike Rentals

Thunder Mountain Bike Park is offering bikes and body armor for rent.

The rental fleet consists of the 2015 Specialized, Status's and Demos, and also the 2016 Enduro.

About the Status: Whether shredding our flow trails or pinned on the race course, the status' 200mm of FSR suspension, DH Race Geometry, and reliable component spec keeps riders on track and in control on technical downhill terrain.

About the Demo: Designed and engineered to be the ultimate race bike, the World-Championship-winning Demo 8 features 200mm of FSR suspension and DH Race geometry to give riders maximum control on the sport’s gnarliest terrain. The Demo’s low center of gravity, short chainstays, and durable alloy frame combine to deliver the world-class handling the Demo 8 is known for, now with 650b wheels and all-new sizing.

About the Enduro: The Enduro EVO 650B takes the abilities of the Enduro platform and escalates them dramatically. It features a slacker geometry, bolstered 180mm travel shocks with our EVO tune, and a build that lives somewhere between downhill and all out trail machine.

Rider and Gear

It is very important to ride the right bike at Downhill Mountain Bike Park. The same way you wouldn’t bring a pea shooter to a pistol fight, you need to have the correct gear for the park. A downhill bike has plush suspension in both the front and rear to smooth out the bumps on rugged trails. Rent a bike if you don't have your own and ask the rental technician to tune the suspension to your body weight and skills.

There is a reason why most riders are wearing armor- it works. Crashing is a possibility no matter how slow or cautious you ride and protecting yourself from cuts and scrapes with pads is a must.

A proper fitting full-face helmet is the way to go. Protect your face and head by wearing it done up properly under the chin.



Full Face Helmet: 15
Fox Titan Chest Protector: 20
Body Armor Piece by Piece: 10 (elbow, knee/shin, gloves)
Full Armor Package: 40 (Full face helmet, elbow, knee/shin, gloves)
Leatt Neck protector: 20


Specialized Status

specialized dh

Status Bike Rental Full Day: $110
Status Bike Rental Full Day / Ticket: 135
Status Bike Rental ½ Day: 70
Status Bike Rental ½ Day / Ticket: 90

Specialized Demo


Demo Bike Full Day Rental: 135
Demo Bike Full Day Rental with Ticket: 160
Demo Bike ½ Day Rental:  95
Demo Bike ½ Day Rental with Ticket: 115



Transition 24 Ripcord

Bike2016 Ripcord

Grom Rental Full Day: 110
Grom Rental Full Day with Ticket: 135
Grom Rental ½ Day: 70
Grom Rental ½ Day with Ticket: 90

2016 Enduro


Enduro Rental Full Day: 125
Enduro Rental Full Day with Ticket: 150
Enduro Rental ½ Day: 85
Enduro Rental ½ Day with Ticket: 105




Notice to Riders, Parents and Guardians

Injuries are a common and expected part of mountain-biking. We strongly suggest that full face helmets, full length gloves, biking armor and a full suspension bike be used in the Bike Park. If you are new to the mountain-biking program at Thunder Mountain Bike Park, or the Parent or Guardian of a younger rider, please familiarize yourself with the mountain-biking activities we offer. Introductory mountain-biking lessons and beginner mountain-biking terrain are available. More challenging terrain and features should not be attempted unless the rider has the appropriate skills, experience and equipment to effectively negotiate such trail sections. Please speak to Customer Service for more information regarding mountain-biking at Thunder Mountain Bike Park.