Berkshire East Pro Shop

The Thunder Pro Shop, located in the main base lodge, is the place to go for Thunder Mountain Bike Park apparel, bike gear, parts as well as rentals. We offer a wide range of essentials to get you out on the trail, such as helmets, protective gear, gloves and goggles.

Featured Items

New! Berkshire Flexfit Hats
Light Sweatshirts for Cooler Weather
Wicking shirts!
Thunder Mountain Jersey's are here!

Thunder Bike Repair

Thunder Bike Repair is here to get you up and running when the bike goes down. With a range of parts and experienced mechanics, we can help you get your bike in working order. Located in the downstairs of the Main Lodge, our shop set up to address the most common issues that face downhill bikers. We commonly used parts for bikes and can special order items for those rare and obscure components. More complex repairs can be arranged upon request.

Some of what we carry…

List of Standard Services and Labor Rates:

Normal Hourly Labor Rate: $60
Brake Bleed: $30
Brake Pad Replacement: $10
Brake Installation: $45
Tube Replacement: $10
Cable Replacement: $10
Cable and Housing Replacement: $15
Tire Replacement: $10
Bottom Bracket Replacement: $30
Rotor Replacement: $15
Spoke Replacement: $30
Wheel True: $15
Adjust Derailleur: $10
Replace Chain: $10
Replace Derailer: $15
Cut Seatpost: $5